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Purpose, Passions, Possibilities

“I have taken the P3 workshop and other Inspire U seminars, and have sent several people from my company to them as well. TRP has changed the way we communicate with our clients (we now support our clients versus enabling them). It has also changed the way we communicate with each other, and even the way we communicate with our families.

The Passion Test was a great way to redefine our priorities. We all now use the “Yes, and…” language we learned – even the people who didn’t come to the class are using it! We have fewer debates and more discussions. It’s affected our whole perspective.

I am working with the Inspire U team to bring more workshops to my employees, and each time I meet with them I feel like I’ve just gotten a shot of B12!”

Non-profit corporate division manager

“As an educator, I know when I see good and effective technique. The material was excellent! The different approaches presented on how to get through the hurdles of life were extremely valuable, and they fit together so well. I personally found that I internalized what I learned immediately and seamlessly.

I loved the interactive activities. What an energetic afternoon! The Passion Test, and learning how to switch from the victim mentality to responsibility inspired me. It just feels good. Time well spent!”


“After the P3 workshop the shift happened so quickly. I’m making more empowering choices. I’m more open to options, and more able to choose, versus doing what I feel I “have to” do.

The process of learning what my top passions are was not what I expected. I thought my number one passion was finding a relationship. I learned that was number four! What turned out to really be my number one passion came true within a week after the workshop, and the others have been falling in line since… including finding a relationship!”