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The Breakthrough to Breakout Coaching Experience


Karin Lubin, Randy Crutcher, Linda Strauss

Join us for this special weekend retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico where participants receive one on one coaching to BREAKTHROUGH remaining barriers to living your purpose and passions, then BREAKOUT into a new world of possibilities and plans.

You will get clear about your top five passions in your life and then:

  • Learn to translate your passions into a concrete picture developing a prioritized action plan holding you accountable to living your top passions.
  • Develop an irresistible Strategic Attraction Plan that will help you attract who you want as your partners, clients or customers.
  • Get greater clarity on your branding, who you are in relationship, in your business or career.
  • Learn tools to move from contraction to expansion, from fear to love, removing barriers to living your passion more fully.
  • Celebrate yourself and your dream as though it’s done!
    • You’ll receive one private session before the retreat with one of our three Inspire U team members.
    • You’ll receive 2 teleseminar calls after retreat for support
    • You will receive 3 books: Becoming the Totally Responsible Person workbook, Attracting Perfect Customers, and The Passion Test
    • Bonus: You can attend Purpose, Passions and Possibilities course as many times as you like for Free.
    • Bonus: You can attend the Totally Responsible Person workshop as many times as you like for Free.
    • To ensure you receive the closest attention possible, ONLY SIX SLOTS are available.

Contact us directly for more info. 505-603-1037  Kick start your dream, passion or project with Linda Strauss, Karin Lubin and Randy Crutcher as your personal coaches and consultants.